What Makes a Golf Cart Street Legal in Florida – LSV Requirements

By Paul S •  Updated: 04/12/23  •  Golf Cart to LSV Guides

Many people are curious about what makes a golf cart street legal. You might have seen a golf cart on the road, or maybe are thinking about what changes you might have to make to get your cart street legal. Below is a comprehensive list of street legal requirements.

If you’re looking for a more detailed outline of the process, check out our guide called How to Make a Golf Cart Street Legal in Florida. This list is based on Florida’s rules, but the parts and requirements are generally the same across many states.

Parts Installed

Below is a list of parts that are required for installation. They might be worded differently on the Florida website, but this list will get you where you need to be. Please note that you will likely need to install a wiring harness and it’s advised for electric carts to install a Voltage Reducer and Fuse box.

Want to learn more about what it takes to install these parts and make a shopping list for your cart? Check out our more in-depth guide, How to Make a Golf Cart Street Legal in Florida or enroll in our FREE Parts Installation Video Mini-Course which includes a Parts Buying Worksheet. 



Your street legal golf cart (or LSV) is treated exactly the same as a regular vehicle to the state. Therefore, an insurance policy is required which carries the same state minimums. In Florida those minimums are $10K in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and $10K in Property Damage Liability (PDL). If you’re looking for an insurance contact who can help you shop for the best rate, shoot me an email at lsvhelp@daybreakmediallc.com. 

Valid Drivers License

Once your golf cart becomes street legal, it’s no longer a golf cart and is now an LSV (Low Speed Vehicle) which requires a valid drivers license to operate. 

License Plate & Registration

Finally, your cart will need to be plated and registered just like a car. This is the final step in the Florida street legalization process and will cost around $400.

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